ready for the summer heat?

Wow, it is just amazing or is it alarming that 49 US states except for Hawaii will snow at the same time? Or has not been spared by snow this Winter season? I guess this is Mother Earth telling us something, Climate Change is in action. While I love the fact that I live in a country where we get to experience 4 seasons a year and a State where I get to experience snow but not extreme cold chilly winter season, I also dread the fact that during Summer, we get the most scorching heat ever. No kidding. In fact, as early as now, dear hubby would like to get the services of this Air Conditioning by Jay's Comfort Team just to make sure that we are all set for Summer.

Apparently, a friend of his recommended this arizona heating after they hired the services of the company as they specialize in thermostat arizona and air conditioning repair phoenix. You can check out the site for more information on their services, rates and reviews. We do not want the heat to distract us from having fun this summer, right? So yes, we are ready for the scorching heat of summer 2010!

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What can you say about pottery as a hobby or to some extent, a passion? I used to dream of becoming a pottery artist, my mom was into pottery which makes me think that maybe pottery can be a passion too. However, that side of arts did not like me because no matter how I try to make even just a pottery tile and potters wheel parts, I could not make one just like my mom.

When DH used to have a lot of provincial assignments, we used to drop by at this pottery shop which also had warm glass supplies, potter's wheels and pottery classes for kids and adults. DH and I would sit down and observe. It is amazing how little kids who are inquisitive in terms of arts can be making such unique pot pieces and using self-hardening clays. I wonder, when I will be able to make even just 1 fine and almost perfect but unique pot. Speaking of pottery, my mom got her pottery supplies at AMACO/Brent products. According to her, they've got the most comprehensive pottery supplies online. She prefers ordering her pottery supplies online because it saves her time and gives her huge deals.

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behind the wheels

Do you still remember my entry about me not having any interest at all in any automobiles? That's a fact and will remain to be one for many years. I have a lot of girlfriends who are into cars but I don't enjoy any single conversation they have about cars. I even have a girlfriend who is enjoying driving trucks! She would also spend his spare time surfing on car-related sites such as Drivetime. So just imagine my ignorance when a friend who is in trucking and van business told me that their family's Dodge Truck Radiator has been broken and they need to purchase imported used cars. They were looking for a replacement immediately as that dodge truck is the main source of income in their booming business. Thanks to online sites such as used car, the largest distributor in the country. They have used cars in every make and model, so immediately they were able to order from them. My friend was so happy wit htheir purchases he could not stop raving about it. I think I should be reading a lot about radiators and other car parts especially because I will be staying behind the wheels very soon. DH also wanted to purchase another car that I could use but this time it will be a used car so it would not be so disgusting if I had road mishaps lol! Knock on wood.

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customized 'em

When we got here, DH has been accustomed at being very careful to the point, meticulous with our expenditures and other financial obligations, who wouldn't when you've got no one else to rely to in case of emergencies. Surprisingly, I have become quite a sensible shopper also and have been setting aside a few amount for my little savings. Even the simplest Custom Labels printing or those Custom Label addresses, I have to carefully canvass on the cheapest supplier. When we ordered ours last year, we still did not know about Data Graphics Inc. which has been one of the number one suppliers of Custom Labels. We were pretty satisfied with what we got but I guess we could have saved more with Data Graphics Inc. and have been given wide choices of designs. Fortunately though, a cousin is turning 18 in November and she wants customized give aways with custom labels on them. When I told her mom about Data Graphics Inc., they were both happy as they would no longer look around for more suppliers because I found what they were looking for. An affordable supplier with quality products. I cannot wait to see the finished product of her chosen customized giveaways.

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bring it on 2010!

I could say that my most cherished moments were spent (and are still being spent, will be spent) at home, the home/s DH and I shared and the home/s where I grew up with my parents and siblings.

Call me a homebody, but I could stay at home for weeks just with my boys and never ever wishing to go out, because I have all what I need. That is how much contented I am whenever I am home. Fortunately, I am married to a person who is exactly the same as I am, staying-home-wise. But, if I am the type who loves staying home, cooking, lazing around, spending time there, DH is the type who would fix, think of home plans, cabin plans and house plans as his renovations and redesigning guidelines and other home enhancement activities. Yes, DH is like that. He would thread high-end home furniture store down to thrift stores to look for any neat finds.

Also, a part of his home-shopping hobby is to check out sites that would give him ideas and some luxury dream home plans that would inspire him as he drafts and takes note of ideas that would contribute to our future home :). His favorite site is the which is newly redesigned. HDA, Inc. is known for unique and customized terms house plans, home designs and house floor plans that would fit in everyone's budget. I wonder when we will ever that home, but for the meantime, whatever HOME we refer to, we assure you that that is where our Hearts are :).

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billing solutions

Anything to do with Mathematics and numbers, do not ask me. That is what I always tell my family and closest friends. I may be good at earning but when it comes to making money grow and accounting-related activities, I do not understand. That is why when I had my own business back in college days until the last few years of being single, I had to rely on other people to handle my Billing Books. I was also keen at getting online invoicing services and installing an invoicing software to do all the accounting for me.

It is good that these days, there are a lot of billing software and online billing services available 24/7 to make your businesses grow. One need not worry about formulating a new one as this software will do all the billing and invoicing tasks for you. All you need to do is install the software. Check out the site for more information about these and see how these services and software can help your company. The services are applicable to all small, medium and big businesses. Rates are relatively affordable considering the reliable service they provide and the quality of products they offer.

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2010 means more savings.

I guess 2010 has more meaning because it comes with double zeroes. For me, it signifies money and we do not want to have thinner wallets and emptier pockets this year. There is no excuse not to save because like the wise men always say, take away 10% of your earnings and forget about it. I am happy to share with you that I have taken away 20% of my earnings for January, my minimum should be at least 10% :). So is it time to buy gold bullion? Not enough savings yet to afford gold. But according to US Gold Bureau, Gold and Crude oil is where our investments should go especially these hard times.

a better version of me in 2010!

I thought I'd stop at 14 but no I am going on 15 yay! Blogs that is lol. So yes, another domain is popping out of me. I will reveal a little about myself there and it will chronicle my milestones and hurdles on how to come up with a better version of myself. 2010 has been great so far and I want to bring back whatever blessings He is giving us by improving on myself. With that, I am very excited.

For the meantime and while I wait for my bloghost to do the technicalities of this new blog, here is something nice I found at tumblr.


Every morning, after I say my prayer, I re-read my New Year's resolution so as to be reminded on what I needed to improve and accomplish this 2010. It helps, really. Two of the qualities I want to improve this year have something to do with WORDS. I have always mentioned that WORDS are such powerful weapons and we should be very careful with what we bring out of our mouths because we can never take them back.

The following quotes I gathered will help us to LISTEN more and TALK less. These are good reminders for my as well.
"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens" ---Jimi Hendrix
"Fools talk, cowards are silent, wise men listen." ---Carlos Ruiz Zafón (The Shadow of the Wind)

there are signs everywhere...


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